Hello SCARS, September 9th marks 3 years since we adopted our Doug ~ formerly Grizzly Adams. He had been in a fight with a porcupine & was in horrible shape when Terra
picked him up and rushed him to Westlock Vet. After blood transfusions & exploratory surgery, he was on a road to recovery that would lead to him being the laziest, sweetest, most gentle dog. He loves to curl up on the sofa or smack dab in the middle of our bed. He tiptoes around those ‘scary cats’, and loves to greet and nose-boop anyone who walks in the door. Doug is our 3rd dog adopted from SCARS, and our 4th (Doug’s girlfriend Raya~ formerly Rowena) joined our family this past Christmas.

We just wanted to send a thank you to SCARS & Westlock Vet for all your dedication, compassion and efforts to save amazing dogs like ours. They have enriched our lives beyond measure!