November 12, 2022….
In 2019 one of our volunteers was helping a lonely senior by spaying and neutering his cats and also removing some to get to a manageable number. SCARS took many of the cats that were removed. Dory was one of the spay and returns. The gentlemen absolutely adored all of his cats and had a hard time letting them go. We were very sympathetic towards him and always updated him on how these cats were doing in their new homes. Sadly he was found deceased in August and our volunteer rushed in to rescue the cats left behind, including Dory.
Dory had a home lined up but, unfortunately, at her vet appointment today it was discovered that she has a terrible case of stomatitis and will need all of her teeth removed ASAP. The clinic quoted $2,500 for this procedure , we don’t always know what we are getting into when we offer to help but in honour of this gentlemen who loved her to his last day, we will get this girl healthy and into her forever home. Dory is sweet cat only about 4 years old, she deserves to live a happy pain free life after all she’s been through. To donate to her care: