August 2018 – An update on Diamond aka Cat she is about three and a half now she is doing great. She loves to play with her toys and can’t be more then a foot away if you are doing house work.


2016 – Hello SCARS, With all the sad news in Alberta this week, we thought you would appreciate some good news. Diamond is doing great! She has even learned how to lay down. She purrs lots and has gotten to be more talkative the longer she is here. She loves looking out the window on her perch fit for a queen. – Latoya Burstall

December 2015 – Hello SCARS. I would just like to give you an update on Diamond. She is thriving in her new home. She gets endless cuddles and has what we call “cat fits” all the time where she plays with her toy mice for hours. She has filled out a bit, going from a skinny kitty to looking a bit older and more mature. She follows us around and is always responding to our questions to her. Sometimes I swear she’s a dog not a cat. She avoids the Christmas tree (yay), she loves tummy rubs and will do anything for a treat. She is the best cat ever! – Latoya Burstall