April 13, 2023 Update

We wanted to do an update on our new intakes. We have an amazing team who was able to rescue over a dozen animals from a ditch just a few days ago.

  • One of these small dogs has been hit by too many vehicles and requires a leg amputation surgery which is booked for April 17.
  • Alan, black and white large male also needs an amputation of his back leg as his knee has been shattered too many times, this is booked in April 24.
  • We unfortunately had to say goodbye to Rosie who had two shattered hips, both knees broken and had such a severe tail/spine issues. RIP Rosie. 🌈

Our volunteer team is also currently out in the same spot these were found, as there has been reports of a single dog left behind and a mom dog and babies. We hope we can find them and will update as soon as we can.

The road is a long one ahead – they don’t trust us yet. These animals are not available for adoption at this time.

🚨The crisis doesn’t stop here. 🚨
We are currently working on over 35 cat requests, constant emails about dog surrenders and strays, working on getting in a mom dog who was thrown out of a vehicle in a ditch who had babies less than 24 hours after… (10 of them) and many… many… more.


April 10, 2023

Absolute CRISIS mode. 🚨 The adoptions have been slow, yet the intake demand has not let up.

We got a call about multiple animals in a ditch who were eating other dead animal carcasses. We don’t have space but how does one say no? Many of them have limps, injuries and lacerations. Off our volunteer transport drivers went and came home with 8 more dogs and 3 cats.

To add to the nightmare of today, a dog was hit by a car this evening and our transport team is working on getting it to emergency care.

Absolute. Crisis. Mode. We don’t have the words. We don’t have the energy. But we will keep on going. We will keep going for these faces.

Please donate or adopt if you’re able.