Hi SCARS, I thought I would give an update on Cookie and Cream. We adopted them last November. They are very loving. They love all people. They are so attached to us now. They love to cuddle with us. If they are on our lap and we quit petting them they put their paw on our hand so that we will keep petting them.

Cream loves to get her massage. Cookie has learned to give a handshake for a treat. Cream rolls over and gets a belly rub to get a treat. She is so funny. They both love their belly rubs. Cream loves it when we throw her rope or rubber ducky. She will run, get it, bring it to us to throw it again. They both like their hair brushed. Cream likes her hair cuts and bath but Cookie hates them both. It is like she is scared of them both. We are slowly getting her used to it. So happy that we were able to give them a furever home.