January 18… The middle of January 2020 saw Alberta temperatures dip into -30 and -40 C. It was a very busy time for us, assisting in our target communities with dog house deliveries, straw deliveries and round up for stray/unwanted animals that were at risk of succumbing in these temperatures.

This CTV news story is a first glance at our newest beautiful mom dog who came into our care this week & within minutes started to give birth. We had to have volunteers coming in around the clock to help her feed her babies, as her nipples were so badly frost bitten.

This season has been insane on many levels and we couldn’t do any of it without our supporters, volunteers and intake team. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Her are some more highlights of our work this week.

January 15th.. Thank you to our volunteer drivers and our dedicated foster homes, as well as Edmonton Humane Society and ZOE’s Animal Rescue Society who assisted on intake! SCARS was able to save 27 dogs and 4 cats from the deep freeze – on this day alone.

January 14th… Another day… Another Northern Alberta Community. Calls start pouring in first thing in the morning. 4 mom dogs, all with puppies needing assistance. Numerous cats needing to be picked up as they are strays and tons more calls for the animals that need supplies. Foster homes are on standby, drivers are driving countless of hours to get to these dogs & the intake team is working non-stop to find space.We have spent our entire day finding the animals that don’t have a voice, filling outdoor dog/cat houses with straw and ensuring they have food/water and supplies.Our goal is to EDUCATE, INFORM and HELP these communities who need it. We are hoping with our presence we can help them & protect these amazing animals from the weather.⚠️We cannot wait for this cold snap to end. ⚠️

Please consider donating at www.scarscare.ca/donate – whether monetary donations, Canadian tire money or supplies – all is needed.

To become a foster home please visit our website for information on our next one at www.scarscare.ca/events

Please if you see an animal in distress call: 311 if you are inside of Edmonton. If you are in Alberta but Outside of Edmonton 1-800-455-9003.