We have been dealing with a TON of Medical Cases over the past few weeks. Including, this sweet boy named Cogburn.
Hi, I am Cogburn. I was given the name from SCARS after being hit by a car. I had to have my eye removed and then sadly it was discovered (which is not uncommon in older dogs) I suffer from an immune disease where my blood cells are attacking the muscles in my face. Thanks to my friends at Westlock vet and Dr. Sven, when my mom freaked out because she thought I was losing my other eye I was diagnosed.
Don’t panic with daily meds and eye drops — I’m doing great. And I still love to adventure!!
My perfect home would be a chill home where I can come inside and relax in the backyard but not too busy. No small children please, no condo homes as well.
Looking for a quiet life. www.scarscare.ca/animal/cogburn
If you can consider donating to ol’ boys like me, please visit the website at www.scarscare.ca/donate