Hello SCARS, This is Cheyanne (or as I’m often referred to now “Pretty Kitty”) giving you an update on my new furever home. On August 8, 2020 (International Cat Day), this kind, gentle man came to visit me at my foster home to see if he would like to adopt me. I started purring almost as soon as he started petting me, and after a little while, he decided he would adopt me.

When I got to my new home, I quickly hid under the daybed in the spare room, but loved the visits from my new dad and would start to purr whenever he visited. I explored my new home the first and second evening while my new dad “slept”, and even visited him briefly on the bed.

I quickly decided I had enough of being in the spare room, and moved to my safe space under my “safe sofa” in the living room. Again, I would purr when my new dad got down on the floor and reached under my “safe sofa” to pet me.

Three days after moving into my furever home, my new dad started playing some Baroque music; I came out from under my “safe sofa” and assumed my new position on top of it. I would explore while my human was around, but would run back to my “safe sofa” if he approached me. Slowly, I stopped racing back to my “safe sofa” and would think, momentarily, if I should – before I did.

I also loved exploring the balcony, but only when I was out there alone – I would run back in as soon as my human would come out, initially.

I enjoy playing with the various toys my human has bought for me, but my favourites are (in no particular order): the white toy mouse (I play with the other toy mice, but the white one is my favourite), chasing the red dot of the laser pointer (oh, I just crouch down and start wiggling my butt when my human grabs the laser pointer), and Christmas curling ribbon.

A little over a month living in my new home, I finally decided that the bed (where my new dad slept) was a good place to visit and sleep. I now often “summon” my human to come to the bed so that we can cuddle.

Just over two months now, and I have now become completely comfortable in my furever home, and can’t thank you enough SCARS for all you do in helping us find the homes we are meant to be in.