May 21, 2024 Update

Full of bite wounds, had fluid/air in his lungs and broken ribs… but Chewie is now released from Guardian VCA where he is now in a foster home recovering!

May 18, 2024

Meet Chewie, a little 6 month old terrier who is fighting to stay alive. Three days ago, Chewie was rushed to emergency after being left for two days untreated after being attacked by a larger dog. The moment we heard he was injured for two days, our team rushed out in the wee hours of the evening to get him. These calls never come at a convenient time, always an evening or weekend and a six hour round trip. Thankfully SCARS has several devoted volunteer drivers who drop everything to save lives. We applaud them everyday!

After a long drive to an Edmonton emergency clinic, arriving at midnight, not knowing if he would even make the trip, Chewie was struggling to breath and had infected puncture wounds and a bruised abdomen. He was immediately treated and placed in an oxygen cage to assist with his breathing. Not knowing if one of his lungs had been punctured since he had two broken ribs. It was difficult to diagnose the exact cause because of fluid in his chest and around his lungs. Also, Surgery was not an option because he was too weak and would likely not survive.

His prognosis is still guarded but he is getting the best treatment possible. This little guy is a fighter!