Hello SCARS, We adopted Chet, previously known as Stevie The Wonder Cat, in April. We were looking for a senior cat to keep our other senior cat company, and Chet was the perfect fit. Chet’s favourite past times are eating, sleeping, playing with toys (he’s a great hunter!), and watching birds from the window.

Even though he has no teeth, he eats his kibble like a champ, and he never met a treat he didn’t love. He also likes to chase his tail and hunt feet under the blankets at night. He gets the zoomies sometimes, even though he’s now 12 years old. He’s just a sweet guy who we like to call our puppy cat.

We sadly lost our other senior cat, Jazz, a week ago, so soon we’ll be ready to look for a companion for Chet.  Chet has brought so much love and joy to us, we can’t imagine our lives without him.

Thank you for all you do!