March 17, 2023 Update

Sadly, we share with you the news that little Chester passed away yesterday 😢. Our veterinary team fought for him from his first day in our care, but whatever damaged his liver was irreversible 😔. It is so hard when we don’t know the history, what happened to him, or what he consumed 🥺. In the end, all we knew was his liver did not respond to any treatments 💊 and his journey with us was sadly short. Rest easy, little buddy ❤️. The pain is over now 💕.

March 11, 2023 Update

Hey SCARS family, thought I would give you a quick update. Chester here, and I am feeling a wee bit better 🤒. Not out of the woods, by any means, but my new friends have got me stable. I wouldn’t eat anything, cause I felt so yucky, so they gave me this nasogastric tube to get some nutrients into me 😪. I am super skinny, that is the truth.

Long road to recovery ahead ❤️‍🩹, but my new friends say any moves in the right direction are to be celebrated. I will keep you posted.

– Chester 🐾 🐾

March 10, 2023

Chester was found injured by a construction crew and brought to SCARS. Likely hit by a vehicle with road rash and a broken hip, our vet care team did preliminary blood work 🩸to ensure he would be healthy for surgery. The results were not what we hoped for. Our good boy is very anemic, showing poor liver function and has pancreatitis 😢.

Further tests are underway to determine what the underlying cause might be🌡️. Because of the sudden onset of symptoms, at this time, we suspect he may have consumed something toxic to dogs, but we will know more when tests are back 🩻.

We are worried for our new friend, grateful that he is in the loving care of the team at Westlock Veterinary Center 🧑‍⚕️, and hopeful we can get him on the road to recovery ❤️‍🩹.