Hello SCARS, Say hi to Chester (formerly Darby). He’s a big boy with an even bigger heart. He loves relaxing and snacking around his folks, meeting new dogs, and chasing squirrels. He is a gentleman and a scholar. Chester is the only large dog at his “small dog only” daycare. He is a calming and positive personality for the other dogs to emulate. When we first met him at a meet-and-greet (Greenland Garden Centre), two adult German Shepherds were barking across the crowd at him. He was barking right back at them, and we knew then that he was confident and sure of his stature. Our home backs onto a public park with people and dogs coming and going all the time. Chester, in his confident manner, never, never barks at either the people or other dogs. Today, I’m pleased to announce, Chester is a certified Wellness dog with CAAWLS (Chimo Animal Awareness Wellness Learning Society). We thought we rescued him but really, he could find a happy home anywhere he went. We love our dog.