Hi SCARS! We were celebrating Cedric’s (formerly known as Sherritt) 1st birthday this past weekend, and we realized we never provided an update on our handsome boy.

We adopted Cedric in June 2018, and as new dog owners we feel like we won the lottery. There were certainly a few trying moments at the beginning, but Cedric’s personality won us over big time. He is quite the snuggle bug, and you can’t help but feel happy when you see his big goofy face after a long day at work. He brings so much energy when we go on long walks in the ravine, but then he can be a huge couch potato for hours; the perfect combination for our lifestyle. He has grown a ton in the 7 months we’ve had him, from a “small” puppy with big paws and ears, to a big boy with big paws and ears. Hahaha, we don’t think he’ll ever grow into those paws and ears; but that’s what makes him so endearing.

We constantly get compliments on how handsome Cedric is, and he knows it. You can see he stands more confidently every time someone talks about him. He also likes to show off in the puppy / nose work classes he attends (We have certainly come home with our fair share of prizes). But really, the best compliment we’ve received is how easy he is to handle by day care attendants, groomers, and others.

We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better pup to join our family and we look forward to many loving years with him. Thanks for everything!