Rescue stories

Chewie was attacked

May 21, 2024 Update Full of bite wounds, had fluid/air in his lungs and broken ribs… but Chewie is now released from Guardian VCA where he is now in ....

Chewie was attacked2024-05-22T12:37:29-06:00

Queen is injured

May 9, 2024 Introducing Queen. She got lost and while lost, she got injured. The suspicion is that she was hit by a vehicle, but we don't know for ....

Queen is injured2024-05-14T13:40:22-06:00

24 new rescues

April 12, 2024 As our team settles in from an extremely busy day… we are happy to announce we have welcomed 24 new animals into the SCARS family! 🆘The ....

24 new rescues2024-04-21T11:02:26-06:00

Claire was rescued

April 10, 2024 Requests for starving dogs and cats come in more than one can imagine. It's truly heartbreaking to know this is a crisis in Alberta right now. ....

Claire was rescued2024-04-10T17:00:04-06:00


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