When this pandemic started in March, we got a message from a lady who asked for help for her mother. She explained that she has a few dozen cats that need assistance. We went out to see what was going on and there was nearly 70 cats on the property. These animals were all being dumped there because people knew that she would feed them.
We have started the journey to help save these cats. SCARS has since taken in nearly 40 cats from this residence alone in the past 2 months. Anything from babies to adults. We have reached out to other rescues to help take in some cats as well. We are working closely with this lady to get all the animals the help and medical attention that they need.
We rescued Tipper *orange eyes* this week & a direct quote from Westlock Veterinary Center stating that this was the worst case of Ear Mites they have ever seen.
This poor kitty was scratching so hard, he was shaking uncontrollably and due to scratching created a huge wound in his neck.
Tipper and his buddies are not ready for adoption yet, please keep an eye on our website for future posting when they are happy and healthy again.
Due to this, we are putting the call out for cat supplies.
We are in need of cat litter, both clumping and non-clumping, canned cat and kitten food and dry kitten food.
If you have AMAZON Prime (free shipping) for litter:
Bone & Biscuit (Sherwood Park, Alberta) is also taking donation orders over the phone for us. You can call the store directly at: 780-449-3340
Thank you for the support!!