February 7, 2024 Update

The volunteer driver who saved me is now my foster home and moments away from being my forever home! They were so touched by my spirit from the moment we met, they just couldn’t imagine a future without me. So here I am, ready to start my new life. I believe it will be epic!

January 29, 2024 Update – *Warning: Graphic Images Ahead*

I am blessed! So, so, blessed! Appearances may suggest otherwise, but all the bad that has happened has been more than balanced by the good.

My name is Vicki. Attacked by dogs, out in the cold for far too long, frozen feet. The outlook was grim. Seasoned rescuers were shocked by my condition, but my spirit and will to live were so powerful. My paws were all frozen. Damaged beyond repair. When the call came from the veterinary clinic, our team thought the only choice would be to help me find my wings.

The brilliant surgeon presented a far different approach. Yes, my feet were damaged beyond repair, but the main pad of my feet was viable. He could amputate the outer portion of each paw, and I would still be able to walk. Everyone was slightly stunned, in a very good way, to hear the news. Amputate four paws, but I could still have a high quality of life. So, it was not to be the end of my journey but the start of a different path.

Now I will have special needs. Clearly, I am an indoor only cat, I will walk with a graceful sway and will require special attention. All of that is worth getting my second chance at a life with my forever family when I find them.

Sometimes, when you think all is lost, it just isn’t true. With the right team and the support of the SCARS community, hopeless turns into hopeful. I am hopeful and grateful for my Second Chance. 🥰


January 22, 2024

Wrong place. Wrong time. From my injuries, it was likely a dog attack. From my condition, it happened several days ago. From my frostbite, I was in the deep cold.

My spirit is strong. My will to live is inspiring. But it looked bleak.

Right person. Right time. I was found. I don’t know who the angel was, but they found me and brought me in from the cold. My own miracle.

With the help of SCARS I have arrived at Guardian Vet. They say they will do their best. My spirit is resilient. My will to live remains.