September 1, 2023 Update

Captain here and it looks like smooth sailing ahead for me! Thanks to the team at Westlock Vet Center. You all are awesome!

August 31, 2023 Update

Captain here with some great news and a little less great news. I know I don’t look great in the picture (bel0w), I was just waking up from some mild sedation to have my eye examination. The great news is my eye appears unscathed, and I have vision. Other great news, my fever finally broke. The not so great news is that the swelling in my face, neck, and lymph nodes has increased, so the focus is now on that. Hoping to make some progress with some new meds.
I am feeling much better and everyone here loves me…..but really what’s not to love.

August 29, 2023

Well, I am an Itty-bitty Pitti puppy who really isn’t feeling very well at all. ❤️

Captain here, and SCARS doesn’t know my history, and sadly, we don’t speak the same language, so i sure can’t tell them what happened, but I am a sick little boy. I arrived with my eye swollen shut from an infection, swollen lymph nodes, and an extreme fever. IV antibiotics were quickly prescribed to manage the infection and get me hydrated. Thankfully, things are headed in the right direction. Early signs indicate that the eye itself isn’t damaged. Infection and swelling seem to be in the eyelid and surrounding tissue.

What happened to me? Hard to say. They are guessing a laceration or maybe an insect sting that started it off and became infected without treatment. I’m just hoping things keep improving, and I can get back to being a normal mischievous Itty-bitty Pitti puppy. The funny part of all this is that the swollen lymph nodes are causing me to snore in just the cutest way… always look for the sunshine amidst the storm.