Hey SCARS fans, I’m Buddy Holly. My foster mom has had a bit of a mystery on her hands the last little while. Foster moms are great, not as great as a forever family, but still pretty great.

I can be a picky eater and I don’t really like taking my supplements and pain meds. If she fixes my meals with my favourite kibble and then adds either a little chicken or boiled hamburger with my pills, I was eating everything, kibble included. Then, suddenly something changed. At night I am leaving a handful of kibble in my dish. I do it every night. I have been doing it for weeks.

Foster mom thought maybe I just wasn’t that hungry. So she tried reducing my kibble a bit, but I still left some. Hmmm…. something was up. I went away to bed in my cozy shop and each morning my dish would be empty. In the morning I always eat all of my meal. Otherwise I have to devote quality sleeping time to chasing away magpies. At night though I always leave some kibble.

Now that is starting to to get dark earlier, foster mom has figured it out. I leave kibble because I know there is someone out there that needs it more than me. I am helping out a friend, just like SCARS helps me.

Hiding in the area is a feral cat. Black as midnight, but with eyes that glow when foster mom shines a light. Scared, cautious, and not interested in human contact, he or she waits for me to go to bed each night. Then lightning fast my friend darts in and eats what I have left before disappearing again into the night. Really kitty doesn’t have to wait, I would just share, but I guess it doesn’t know how to trust yet.

Now that she has solved the mystery of the leftover kibble, foster mom says she will figure out a plan to look after the poor homeless kitty and provide it with the care it needs. She’s good like that.

We are all hoping that this story of my kindness will reach my forever family and that they will come and adopt me. I really want my own home before the cold settles in. For now I will keep hanging out here and leaving some kibble out for the less fortunate.

SCARS helps all animals and I am doing my best to help as well. Donations have been very slow and the animals in need reaching critical levels. Please donate now – we need you as desperately as the midnight kibble raider needs my help.