????⚠️Graphic Images Ahead ⚠️????

Bud Weiser came to us from a Northern Alberta Community. We think he was hit by a car, and the amazing volunteers immediately brought him into Guardian Vet Clinic.

His leg was so badly broken in so many places there wasn’t enough solid bone to plate or pin. They used an external device to stabilize the breaks and allow the leg to heal.

Once mended in 6 to 8 weeks the orthopedic stabilizer can be removed. He also has some very bad wounds from road rash which didn’t receive treatment, because he wasn’t brought into care soon enough that can’t be stitched so they are using laser therapy on those.

Guardians Vet Bill exceeded $2,000.00 and he has been at Westlock Vet now for over a week as well with a vet bill exceeding $2,100.00. We anticipate he’s going to need to stay at Westlock for another few weeks, with 24/7 care and lots of physiotherapy.

❤️ Can you help us? Can you spare some changeto help Bud Weiser? ❤️

* He is not on the website and will not be ready for adoption for a few weeks *