Just when you think you are in the clear. Just when you think life is finally going to go your way – BAM everything changes.

I am guessing you humans have a pretty solid understanding of how I am feeling right now. I hear your lives have been a bit topsy turvy recently. Bratwurst here, I was rescued by SCARS towards the end of April. It was a bit stressful at the time, but I settled nicely into my foster home, learned the routine and I hear there were people who wanted to adopt me and give me a forever home.

But you know for the last week I haven’t been quite myself. It was a bit hard for my foster home to tell, because I was happy and active, didn’t meet a bird or a cat that I didn’t enthusiastically chase, ready to go for a walk with anyone who would take me. I did start to get very fussy about the food I was being served, turned up my nose at kibble to start with, but that canned food – still loved it, until even the canned food didn’t interest me and I just stopped eating.

Without much to go on but a concern that something wasn’t right, I headed to the Westlock Vet Center for some basic tests. The results were very surprising and very unwelcome news. My liver enzyme levels are at an unreadable level. At this point in time we know my liver is not functioning properly and I need to have further tests to determine, what, if anything can be done to help me. I am headed for a specialized ultrasound early next week to hopefully shed some light on the issue.

SCARS is a wee bit short on funds these days. My diagnostic test is going to cost about $700. This of course won’t be the only expense. I remain in the veterinary center on IV, so there will be a bill for that and then when we find out what is wrong with me there will be another expense.  Any amount in donations would be amazing. Thanks so much – wags, Bratwurst.