Somebody buy me a lottery ticket because I am one lucky kitten! When you hear a quad hit a kitten, you don’t expect the kitten to survive. But not only did I survive, I thrive!

Hi, I’m Bramble.

I was named by the life saving vet clinic that got me through what I hope will be the worst day of my very young life. And while I may now be a part of the Tripod Kitten Club, I am not letting that slow me down. Like literally, I will not let it slow me down. I have so much to enjoy in life now that I’ve got my Second Chance! Did you know the majority of kittens who experience amputations go on to lead a full and happy life? That’s totally what I plan to do.

I am a vivacious little kitten who has the loudest purr you’ve ever heard. I’ve mastered a bunch of things as a tripod kitten. I can walk, run, use my litter box, and play with toys. I’m not allowed to jump or go too crazy because I do have some recovery to do still, but that is okay. I won’t be ready to go to my forever home just yet. I gotta get out of this cone first!