My name is Blackie, I am a certified good boy. My foster mom has a certificate she made for proof. I’ve been with SCARS for quite a while as when I came in I had a severe infection in my spine that was so bad that I was starting to be disabled in my back legs from it. See my store here. But that was then and this is now, I’m now fully mobile and am a happy, calm boy whose favorite all time thing to do is go for a walk.

Whenever my foster mom and dad say those words (you know the ones, ‘Do you wanna go for a….. W.A.L.K!?’) – Well my eyes light up and my tail goes so fast, it could probably power a small city.

I’m an older boy and my top favorite things to do in order are:

  1. Going on walks
  2. Getting as many pets as I can
  3. Laying down on my bed
  4. Eating Beef or Chicken

I’m the kind of dog that EVERYONE falls in love with anytime they get to meet me. I always hear people say things like ‘man is he ever a good boy’ – they say it bc I’m just a chill guy who just wants people’s love so I will often walk up to them, lean up against their legs and hope they pet me, which they usually do.

Because of my age (the vets think I’m around 8) and because of my medical history, I can get sore if I over-do it. Even though I’d probably like it, I’m not the kind of dog you could take mountain biking or on extreme hikes but I do love a solid 30 minute walk, two to three times a day, and I do enjoy supervised exploring. Sometimes I think I can do more than I can but will be very sore the next day, so my future furever home will have to save me from myself at times.

A perfect home would be with someone that enjoys nature & frequent walks but doesn’t need me to train for a marathon with them.

Blackies medical bills were estimated to be just over $2,500.00. This old boy lived at Westlock Veterinary Center for nearly 6 months and the staff fell head over heels in love with him. This ol’ boy is ready to put his past behind him.

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