January 10, 2023

Meet Barkley and Murphy, two of our newest SCARS members.
The new year is starting out good for these two.
Barkley (brindle pitti) was abandoned with two cats. There was also a deceased dog in the yard. The two cats were friendly and easy to catch. Barkley was scared and needed to be live trapped. He is a very friendly guy.
Murphy came from another residence and sadly was chained up and emaciated.
Thankfully he was surrendered so that he can receive the care he needs. 💕
The number of requests for help is staggering and impossible to keep up with. Please spay and neuter and be committed to a pet if you choose to adopt one.
If you think giving away your pet online to someone is being responsible, we want you to be aware some of these pets end up in horrific conditions. 💔