Good Afternoon, SCARS.

We adopted Peach in mid-November 2019. She is just about four months old. We decided within days of her arrival that she would become “Bailey”.

For Bailey, the first few weeks were likely very interesting and challenging:

  • Learning to climb stairs in her new four level split home
  • Exploring the backyard, digging up my family’s shrubs, dumping out last summer’s flower pots, finding all the rocks and loose twigs, and likely a few that she was not supposed to chew
  • Learning that her family consisted of a high school girl, two middle age adults, one older cat and a naughty kitty that loves to taunt her
  • She has now mastered doggy daycare, learned how to come when called, sit and lay down
  • She loves to eat – so much that my family has purchased me slow feeder to help my tummy with digestion
  • She loves her sweater and her new toys – she guards them and at times hides them under her bed in her crate.

Tracey, Darren and Whitney Campbell