I am Arkham. I came into care nearly 4 months ago when it was noted that I was acting a bit strange. I was puking, walking funny and just overall not myself. Upon further diagnosis and lots of time at Westlock Vet Clinic – I was diagnosed with Distemper.

If you know Distemper – it’s a horrible, horrible disease. To be honest, finding a foster home with no other dogs is hard, no one lets you see other dogs, no vet wants you in the office due to how contagious it is & theres a lot of time in quarantine with a lot of unknown.

Thankfully – I hit the jackpot.

SCARS had an amazing family who was willing to give me a chance to become their forever friend. They took all the courses required to foster and were ready to give it a shot!

They were told the chances of me beating this was slim. They were told that if my symptoms get worse and I started to have seizures, that I would need to go to a vet immediately to say goodbye. They were on standby for months as my diagnosis progressed. They dealt with chattering (which is never a good sign for distemper) and we’re always worried about how I was doing, but they loved me through it all.

They have shown me what true love is. They have also shown me patience. It’s funny, I’ve never dealt with stairs before – and after 4 months they’re SLOWLY showing me how to use those. I have some behavioural quirks to work through too – but they love me all the same.

Needless to say, I found my forever family quite quickly & the power of love… and time in quarantine for us all… was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

I finally get to go back to Westlock Vet on October 13th to get neutered, and that’s the official thumbs up that I’ve beat this horrible disease!!

To become a foster home, please attend our orientation this weekend by ZOOM: www.scarscare.ca/events

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