SCARS intakes strays from numerous areas, usually in conjunction with bylaw/animal control, in Morinville, Strathcona county, Sturgeon County, Athabasca (and sometimes others). SCARS Morinville Rescue Centre holds animals in concert with local bylaw animal control. We contact owners through identification if found (microchip, tattoo, etc.). If no owner can be found, SCARS holds these animals for 10 days and, if not claimed, SCARS takes the animals on as rescues. These animals are published here in the hope of reuniting them with their owners.

Note that SCARS gives the animals names for our tracking purposes. You can contact us at:

SCARS charges a fee of $25/day for housing your animal, the fee is due upon pickup.



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  • 5 Years
  • Male
  • Found Stray


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  • 3 Years
  • Male
  • Found Stray


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