July 7, 2024

Angel joined the SCARS family for just a very short time. She, like other homeless dogs, had been attracted to a community gathering. Food, people, activity… a place to feel safe. An older girl, excruciatingly thin with a large tumor, her plight could not be ignored. A dedicated animal rescuer living in the community contacted SCARS. This was an animal who needed us now.

Our hope is for happy endings, but we don’t always get them. We got this sweet one to veterinary care. Their careful and thorough examination revealed an inoperable tumor with cancer spreading throughout her body. She was at the end of her life’s journey. We did the right thing, the kind thing, and let her leave the pain behind. Bittersweet, but sometimes the best SCARS can do is end the suffering. 🌈

Deepest gratitude to the people who cared and reached out for help. We were unable to save her, but we were able to give her peace. For this we can be grateful.