Hi SCARS. I just want to thank you for everything you do daily! And wanted to give you a little update on our sweet little Alaska (we kept her name the same!) who we have had an entire year as of Dec. 29! She’s grown into the sweetest, quirkiest little pup ever! She loves her mom and dad but loves her big brother even more. She loves the snow, camping, swimming, hiking, truck rides, and any adventure we go on! Here are a few pics to show you how she’s grown throughout the year!

Our lives were forever changed when we first saw you! (First pic, posted on your site), from that day we knew we had to have you. December 29 we made the trip to Edmonton to come get you, there were many times we should have turned around due to the terrible driving conditions but we were too excited to meet our new little girl! Needless to say it was love at first sight! And your big brother (GSD-tank, also joined our family from a rehome!) was instantly smitten! They have grown to truly be two peas in a pod! Alaska has grown into such a perfect girl, and I cannot thank you guys enough for allowing us to bring her into our family!
Terri and Michael
SCARS supporters for life ❤