SCARS is delighted to announce a generous donation from the Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society.

Finding opportunity in a challenge

ACTSS volunteers had raised casino revenue but were restricted from using some of the funds to support the nature of their own operations. Rather than return the money to AGLC, they were able to donate the unused funds to other charities whose expenditures would be compatible with the approved use of gaming proceeds. They sought out charities whose mandates aligned with their own, and one of those charities was SCARS.

We are honoured that they decided to donate a substantial portion of their gaming funds to SCARS. We will use this money, along with our own casino earnings, to cover veterinary expenses for the abandoned, homeless and injured domestic animals we help.

The start of something bigger

We are happy to collaborate with other non-profits for the greater good of people and pets! SCARS and ACTSS both have a mandate to alleviate pet suffering! Our focus is helping homeless pets become healthy and find a loving home, while ACTSS focuses on helping owned pets live a long and healthy life!

We will be working with the ACTSS to help increase awareness of both organizations through co-operative marketing and promotional activities. They will be an exhibitor at our Tails On The Trails Bark Party on July 21 in St. Albert.

Thank you to our friends at ACTSS for their generous gift to SCARS. We look forward to continuing a mutually-beneficial relationship.

For those who aren’t familiar with ACTSS, they are dedicated to bringing affordable modern veterinary cancer treatment to veterinary cancer patients. Through their programs, they provide subsidies to dedicated pet owners as well as educate animal owners and veterinarians on the availability, uses and benefits of advanced cancer therapies in the treatment of veterinary cancers.

Photo: Sandra O’Neill of ACTSS presents a cheque to Mike Cunnington from SCARS.