Please welcome Abbie to the SCARS family.

This little girl had her leg broken as a puppy and it didn’t heal well.  Two years later, the leg is now infected, and SCARS will have it amputated next week.

The infection looks painful but, other than that, the leg is more of a nuisance than anything.

Abbie doesn’t let it slow her down.  She goes up and down stairs, would really like to be a lap/furniture dog, trucks along in her cute pink harness, and barks at most everything that moves, including gusts of wind!!

She is a trooper and, with her extra appendage removed – the sky’s the limit for this girl.  And, how could you say no to those eyes??

She’s not yet ready for adoption yet as she goes in October 5th to complete her Spay and Amputation!

Please keep her in your thoughts!