December 15, 2022 Update

Christmas wishes do come true!  I shivered and shook trapped in that box in the cold. I cried and wished for someone to help me and my wishes were answered, beyond my imagination. Out of the cold and into a home, where I am held and cuddled. Where food is plentiful and loving hands are available.

In other good news, I do not appear to have suffered any long term injuries from my abandonment. And the best news I have a name all my own: I am Holly Bells and I will soon be searching for my forever home!

December 13, 2022

I just don’t understand, why would someone do this to me? I am small and cute and defenseless. I am worthy of love and compassion. I am not garbage. I am not disposable. I am a living, breathing kitty. Except I just about wasn’t, because someone dumped me in a box, outside in this cold weather. I was found, thankfully, but then another problem; local authorities wouldn’t help the person who found me. They all said they were too full. SCARS is full too but they couldn’t say no. I am safe and warm tonight, but abandoning an animal is illegal, not to mention unethical.