In rescue, there are days that you can celebrate successes. There are days where you cry. There are days where you see something that you’ll never be able to unsee. August 8th, 2019 was one of those days.

If you haven’t met the two women that are in charge of our intake here at SCARS, their names are Terra and Sylvia. Both of them are truly the most amazing women we know. It started like an average Thursday for them; they met up and headed to one of our Northern Alberta Communities. They got a call that there was a mom with newborn babies alone in a den. They get calls like this 2-3x a week, so they were very prepared and very used to this. They managed to save the Mom and some of her pups. Sadly, before they got there, there was 2 that did not make it. These babies were just a few days old.

Then, they got a call to head to a different community, as they were going to visit one of the homes that they have helped out in the past. What started as routine, turned into an emergency. There were 7 dogs, all emaciated, beat up, skinny, frail, sad. One individual loved all of these dogs with her whole heart – but due to circumstance she was just unable to care for them the way dogs needed to be cared for, even though she did what she could. She wanted to ask for help, but she didn’t know where to turn. Thankfully, another concerned resident of her community did, and our two amazing warriors were there for her and all 7 dogs.

On the way out of the community Terra and Sylvia got a call that a beautiful Doberman, who they know all too well, had broken his leg. Thankfully, the ladies were able to go pick him up and drive him to the vet to receive his required care, which will involve a very difficult and very expensive reconstructive surgery. We routinely end up in communities like this all over Northern Alberta. We go in periodically to drop off food, or host Walls For Winter where we drop off dog houses and simply ensure that each home is equipped to care for each animal. We also offer a spay and neuter program, where we will ensure all their animals fixed and up to date with vetting.

Numerous times during the day Terra and Sylvia pulled over the van and asked each other – what do we do next? How can we intake so many animals? How can we afford the vet bills? How can we make this work? Which foster homes are open? Which vets will take them in? All while they’re doing this, they’re contacting the other volunteers in Edmonton arranging transportation, vetting and support. But, this is what these amazing women do. They go to homes and pick up all the pieces for them/these animals and ensure every single animal has the best chance at a perfect life. The things Terra and Sylvia see, are things we could never articulate into words. Depressing? Stressful? Traumatizing? Heartbreaking? And this is what SCARS is all about. Day after day, any hour or any minute – our team of dedicated staff are there for a pickup, a helping hand and all the support that they can give. We are thankful to have these two courageous women who step into the communities every single day and have no idea what they’re walking into. Every single time they step foot out of the car/van/truck, they have to deal with whatever they find and can’t just walk away.

August 8 was an awful day filled with a profound sadness for these ladies as they imagine what these animals must have gone through, yet they are always willing to wake up the next day and do it all over again, just to be able to continue giving Second Chances. If you ever thought about donating, now is the time. Please help us in donations for these animals in the video. They need us and we need you.