We cannot share every story with you, though we would love to.
We want people to understand the magnitude of the problem that we and every other animal rescues/shelters face everyday.
This is just one day, one story, one drive. 🚗
We responded to a desperate lady who was terrified to enter her own yard. She had a female in heat and a pack of large male dogs. You don’t think that would be scary but it’s VERY dangerous.
Male dogs fight to the death and seriously injure each other for breeding rights to a female. 🆘
When we arrived, the female was in the dog house with a 3 legged beat up male. We assume afraid to come out. The other male dogs waited. We did manage to load the very young little female who had a swollen face and bloody discharge coming out of her nose.
The injured male limped out and into a crate with food. BOTH loaded up and ready to go! Sadly, it doesn’t end there! 🥲
Second stop was to a home that asked for help, saying they had too many starving dogs. When we arrived a skinny little mom dog came out of the dog house. With her came two tiny pups that did not even have their eyes open. Sadly… and yes VERY disturbing… they were being kept warm by a dead puppy about 3-4 months old that had died in the dog house.
🏠 We are in desperate need for foster homes ASAP. This cold weather is upon us again. If you’re able to foster immediately – message us.
🐕 Please spay and neuter your pets or donate directly to our Spay & Neuter Return Program
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