February 29, 2024 – Update – *Warning: Graphic Images Ahead*

Just a little pupdate on our family of four two-week old pups, found injured without their mother. They are in the caring hands of long-time foster mom, Bev, and the Lloydminster Vet Clinic. Wounds are being tended, endless bottles being prepared, and these sweet girls are responding and showing great resilience.

We are not out of the woods yet. The pups remain vulnerable, but we are doing everything we can for them. We have deep gratitude to Bev for her tireless efforts. She has saved so many lives and given so much to animal rescue, and we are hoping these four will be yet another success story she has contributed to.


February 24, 2024 – *Warning: Graphic Images Ahead*

Only 2-3 weeks old and rescued just in time. These babies are just starting to open their eyes and already fighting to survive. We don’t know exactly what happened to these four girls: three were found under a step and one on the other side of the yard by a fence post. Sadly mom has disappeared.

Two of the puppies have terrible wounds that the vet could not say for sure was the cause. One of those pups had a large abscess on her neck that was very painful and needed to be drained.

These four lucky pups are now in the care of an experienced foster home getting some fairly extensive treatment to their wounds. They are also so young they will need to be bottle fed.